Accelerator Organisation and Staff

The ESS Accelerator Division is responsible for the requirements for all systems for the accelerator and assures that core know-how for the full system is secured at ESS. External collaboration partners will do the major part of the design update work and a large part of the construction. They are operating with a collaboration guided by a collaboration agreement and with individual contracts for each collaborator with significant work at ESS. The Accelerator Division has at present four groups and a management team. The groups are presently:

  1. Management 
  2. Beam Physics
  3. Specialized Technical Services
  4. RF systems
  5. Beam Diagnostics

Control Systems used to be managed within the Accelerator Division, but has now become a division of its own, under the name of Integrated Control System (ICS). Once the new ICS web site comes online, the link to the list of ICS staff on this page will be removed. 

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