Data Management and Software

The Data Management and Software Centre will store and process the large amount of data that is generated from neutron experiments.

A large amount of software is required to run a neutron source. The Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) is, in the design phase of the European Spallation Source, in charge of designing, developing, and commissioning this software. The solutions that the DMSC develop will need to support the scientist from proposal to publication, a central concept in the DMSCs mission. The software solutions that will be required are numerous: spanning portals for submitting proposals and booking time at the facility to data collection, storage, reduction, retrieval, and analysis software. These solutions will all have to be tailored specifically to the ESS, which will be the most powerful neutron source in the world, thus providing new challenges in the form of significantly higher data-rates than existing neutron sources.

The European Spallation Source is putting special emphasis on creating and using first-class software for instrument control, data processing, analysis, and visualisation. A focus on software is vital for a neutron source such as ESS since it will host both expert and novice users. The users come from vastly different areas, such as cultural heritage, engineering, life sciences, to fundamental physics research. It is vitally important that these different users are all able to maximise the scientific output from the time they will be allocated at ESS.


The Data Management and Software Centre is currently hosted at the Niels Bohr Institute, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, but will eventually be located on the new science campus at the University of Copenhagen, next to the Niels Bohr Building.


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