ESS Accelerator Construction Project

The ESS accelerator construction project is organized in 15 Work Packages:

  1. Management
  2. Accelerator Physics
  3. Normal Conducting Accelerator (Front End)
  4. Spoke Cryomodules (SCRF)
  5. Elliptical Cryomodules (SCRF)
  6. High Energy Beam Transport (HEBT) and Magnets
  7. Beam Diagnostics
  8. RF Systems
  9. Accelerator Infrastructure & Installation
  10. Test Stands
  11. Cryogenics
  12. Vacuum
  13. Safety and Reliability
  14. Redisgn Effort
  15. Cooling and Electrical Support

The cryogenics and vacuum Work Packages encompass all such services at ESS.

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