Science and Instruments

ESS will be a prominent European research user facility, welcoming scientists from around the globe to come and make use of world-leading neutron instruments and laboratories. A crossroads of researchers from different disciplines, ESS will be a scientific hub where ideas and visions are born.

The samples probed by neutrons range from metal alloys to cancer drugs, from superconductors to tomato seedlings. Far from the extremes of spatial and temporal dimensions studied in high-energy physics, here we find challenges in the infinite complexity of natural and manmade materials that surround us, challenges with utmost relevance for technological progress and the future prosperity of society.
On these pages, you will find examples of science using neutrons from a wide range of different research areas, and you'll get an idea of what will be made possible by the unique capabilities of ESS. You can read about the different neutron-scattering techniques and instruments that are being developed at ESS, and follow the progress being made in neutron technologies and data management systems.
There are many ways to get involved in the scientific and technological development of ESS, and we are keen to collaborate with both the academic and the industrial research sector. Members of staff present themselves on the staff pages, and our European partners are presented on the partners page. Stay up-to-date through the events listing on the right-hand side and the news flow below, and feel free to attend our seminars and workshops.
Welcome to the ESS Science Directorate!


The Call for ESS Science Symposia is Open

Jul 10, 2013

What science will you be pursuing tomorrow? What do you need from ESS in order to realize your scientific vision? You are invited to apply for funding from ESS to organize an ESS Science Symposium.

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